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Toko Textile Garment(Wuxi) Co.,Ltd was established in May, 2006, and started to produce casual shirts from Aug, 2007 with the year output of 300000 pcs.In Jan, 2009, it merged with Wuxi Donglian Garment Co.,Ltd,which was established in 1991,with the regislated capital of 1.62 million US dollars and yearly output of 1 million pcs. After merging, Toko Textile Garment(Wuxi) Co.,Ltd, whose regislatedcapital is 6.6 million US Dollars, improved its management and production efficiency with intelligent people,equipment from both factories.
Now the total people are 320,among them 290 are workers. And it has one cutting line,5 sewing lines and one ironing and packing line. All equipments in every line are imported from Japan. Hi quality products can be made from then combination of equipments,lines andspecialised workers.
We are expanding from Men's casual shirts and jackets to Women's shirts gradually. The output is 80000-85000 pcs per month.
Small order handling with efficient equipments
①Improve cutting efficiency and accuracy with Automatic cutting machine  
②Short embroidery time with imported machine to meet small orders 
③Sewing effeciency can be improved with standing workers to suit small orders 
④Independent sewing line makes it easy to manage the small orders
Our goal is to improve efficiency of small orders to meet buyer's requirement.
There are other 2 garment departments in our group, one is located at Tokyo Tokokosen, the other one is at Toko Bussan Trading CO.,LTD. at Shanghai.
We have an uniform system from fabric design proposal, sourcing both fabric and accessory,garment producing, production management, inspection, logistics and international trade. 

Wuxi Donglian Garment CO.,LTD had passed ISO002 since Jan, 1999 and updated its ISO system every year untill 2008. After the merging, Toko Textile Garment(Wuxi) Co.,LTD got the certificate of ISO9001-2008 in Aug.,2009.
Based on this control system, we are improving and establising our quality by everyday meeting and conclusion after work.

Quality Control:  
Our target: No defective goods are allowed. We train the inspection people always to improve the inspection accuracy.
The inspection results are found and solved at the sewing lines.
The repeated problems will be analysed and solved eventually.

Best equipments: 
CAD System
CAD software from TORAY makes it easier to make patterns, size scaling and fabric marker, even we can exchange pattern via email.

Auto Cutting Machine
Vector FX cutting machine from French LECTRA improves the cutting speed and accuracy to meet the requirement of small orders.

All kinds of difference stitching machines to meet buyer's stitching  requirements.